Pea Pod Babies Boast 27 Collectible Tots Plus Three Rare And One Ultra-Rare Set Of Twins! Every Baby Doll Is Unique, Just Like Us!

Parker, CO (September 19, 2020) -- Move over carrots, peas are being preferred by kids with the rollout of Pea Pod Babies ($11.99). Inside each soft silicone peapod rest three pods - one containing a mystery baby doll, one filled with a complete outfit, and one holding accessories and a birth certificate. Kids won't know which baby they are adopting until they pop it open. Boys and girls enjoy caring for their baby, even (or especially) when they squeeze baby after a bottle feeding as it spits it back out!

Today’s in-demand collectible made its debut earlier this year at the AmericanInternational Toy Fair. Retailers were given free Pea Pod Babies during the February 2020 gathering by parent company Thin Air Brands. The reactions were immediate and overwhelmingly “SO CUTE!” 

“The demand has been incredible,” remarked Mike Searls, founder & CEO of Thin Air Brands. “In my 28 years in the business, I have never seen a new product take off like Pea Pod Babies. We are seeing retail orders followed by replenishment orders within days.”

The secret may be the affordable and adorable design of the toy. Each soft pea pod contains three mystery capsules. Kids will not know the identity of their baby until they uncover its birth certificate with an enchanting back story. For example, Terrance, “is nothing but a bundle of kindness! He likes a nice run at the park and loves to pet the neighbor's dog! He's just the sweetest little baby you ever did meet!” Meet Marcey, with her baby blues “will get you to do anything for her. But how could you say no to such a beautiful little face! She loves to eat animal crackers and sit on her baby pillow.”

Families will be on the lookout for all 27 babies as they mark the enclosed chart which identifies each Pea Pod Baby. Like all collectibles, there’s a hunt for the rare ones. Pea Pod Babies has hidden a set of twins in one Ultra-Rare Pea Pod. Find it and gloat!

To extend open-end play, Dinner & Bath Time Playset ($19.99) allows youngsters to imagine scenarios that reflect life at home. The set is packed with over 25 pieces including two Pea Pod Babies with all of their accessories. This makes mix and matching baby’s outfits an engaging experience on the spot. If parents or aunties are looking for a wow gift for birthday or Holiday 2020 giftwrapping, this is one affordable and adorable choice.

For those that are looking for more, this just-arrived Giant Playset ($39.99) boasts four Pea Pod Babies. Imagine the conversations and actions preschoolers to tweens will have will over 25 pieces of interchanging pieces. Two Pea Pod Babies are visible and two are tucked inside their pods, waiting to be revealed. What’s bigger than wow? Pick your adjective, but this is it.

Every Pea Pod comes with a custom birth Certificate, a story about your own baby, and a collector card. Find them in neighborhood toy shops or online at ThinAirBrands.com and Amazon.com.

Pea Pod Babies Single Pack • Ages 3+ • $11.99

Pea Pod Babies are waiting to pop out and surprise you! Inside every soft squishy Pea Pod are multiple surprises! Slowly pop out the three peas. In one pea you’ll find the cutest little baby. In another pea you’ll discover the baby’s clothing. In the third pea pick up adorable baby accessories like a baby bottle and baby toys! Inside each green pod is a baby, clothing, accessories, birth certificate, collection card and collectors guide. Try to find the more than two dozen sweet babies to collect and dress, including rare babies. Maybe you will find Super Rare Twins!

New! Dinner and Bath Time Playset • Ages 3+ • $19.99

Imaginative play leads to engrossing conversations as little ones give their Pea Pod Babies a bath and a feeding with this packed playset. Two Pea Pod Babies with all of their clothing and accessories join furniture and grooming must-haves for a splashing good time. Feed baby and then give it a bath? Or, allow baby to get food all over then take a dip in the tub? Kids make the rules in this playset that inspires creativity.

New! Giant Playset • Ages 3+ • $39.99 

Not one or two but four Pea Pod Babies comes with this set but only two are known at purchase. Imagine the look of awe as tots open the remaining two surprise pods! With no rules and no instructions, kids are free to maneuver a roomful of baby accessories to create adventure after adventure. This 25+ piece set is so cute! Place your babies in a car seat, a stroller or attempt the tricycle! Little caregivers can organize the many accessories into the three-drawer dresser. Giant playset features rocking horse, stroller, pull toy, car seat, four Pea Pod Babies and so much more. This is the ultimate under-the-tree gift to unwrap, making memories long after the month of December. Parent company Thin Air Brands strives to be a good corporate citizen. They proudly give back 1% of all profits to The Children’s Hospital and contributes product to The Toy Bank (a Toy Industry Foundation initiative).

Once Upon A Time

In case parents were wondering how these adorable infants came to be, Pea Pod Babies come from the Tree of Life, which is located in a special realm of the cute and pure of heart. This very special tree gives life to the food it bares. All Pea Pod Babies are specially engraved with the magical properties that give them life. Our job is to carefully collect these beautiful treats of nature and distribute them to you! It’s now your job to care for them, feed them, give them a loving home and show them the beauty of life they all deserve.

Every Pea Pod Baby is unique. Just like us! Different shapes, colors, and personalities. Each one with their own distinctive qualities but all of them have one thing in common; Love. Love is the true binding force that brings them all together. The glue of the heart. This is how Pea Pod Babies are born!

When you adopt a Pea Pod Baby you’ve chosen to embark on a beautiful journey full of fun, laughter, imagination and love! Have fun and congratulations on your new family addition!

Follow the adventures of these sweet babes on social media channels Instagram and Facebook at https://www.instagram.com/thinairbrands/ and https://www.facebook.com/ThinAirBrands   Did you know the babies have their own webisodes on YouTube! Tune in at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekA1G0qP0Fo


Thin Air Brands was recently named to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S. Their mission is to make truly awesome toys that will teach, entertain, and inspire - available at every major retailer worldwide. With children and grandchildren of their own, Thin Air Brands treats its customers as family. Creativity, design and innovation are highly valued but not at the risk of safety. Have you ever heard the saying “great ideas come out of thin air”? They take that thought seriously and are constantly looking for inspiration from the world around us. Based in Colorado, with 25 years of toy and manufacturing experience, you’ll find that great ideas really do come out of Thin Air! Brands include:  Anywhere Ball, Ben Franklin Toys, Flight Line Toys, Nature Bound Toys, Pea Pod Babies, Dr. STEM Toys, and Taiyo RC. Discover for yourself at www.ThinAirBrands.com.

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