THiN AiR Brands announces launch of Nature Bound Toys

DENVER, Aug. 16, 2016 – THiN AiR Brands LLC, a leading children’s toy company, is proud to introduce Nature Bound Toys™ - a new science and nature toy line that encourages kids to be active and explore the outdoors. 

Nature Bound Toys are created to be different from other toys on the market. “Our toys are designed to be tools that kids will use to explore nature,” said Mike Searls, Founder, THiN AiR Brands LLC. “These aren’t toys that kids will play with and toss aside.”

Active kids are healthier kids. “We want kids to get moving so we give them a reason to get off the couch and away from technology. But, we also know that toys have to be fun to keep their short attention span engaged.”

According to recent studies, kids learn more by being hands on. With Nature Bound Toys kids interact one-on-one with nature and have an amazing educational experience along the way. Whether it be catching insects with the patented Bug Vacuum, watching birds with Binoculars, growing butterflies in a Butterfly Village, or watching ant’s dig and tunnel in their Ant Treehouse, kids have fun while they learn. Getting kids involved with hands on activities encourages them to run, walk, crawl, climb, and improve their mind. 

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About THiN AiR Brands

THiN AiR Brands is a leading children’s toy company that creates, designs, manufactures and markets innovative toys for kids of all ages. THiN AiR Brands is best known for award-winning brands including Nature Bound Toys™, THiN AiR Toys, and Ben Franklin Toys™. THiN AiR has received awards from Parent’s Choice, The National Parenting Center, and Tillywig Toy & Media Awards. THiN AiR’s offices are in Parker, Colorado. For more information, visit

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