The Anywhere Golf Ball (12 Pack Bundle)


$ 19.99 

  • The soft golf ball is a training ball that provides instant feedback
  • When hit correctly will fly straight and round. When miss hit, the ball will have egg shape look.
  • The hit ANYWHERE training ball is safe to hit against a wall, window or even a mirror.
  • Won't crack like plastic balls and lasts multiple seasons; ideal golf training tool.
  • The ultimate foam practice golf ball

The ANYWHERE Ball is a great training aid for golfers. Its soft material can be used both indoors and outside. When miss hit, the Anywhere Ball will pop up or down in an egg shape to assist in your golf training. When hit correctly the practice ball will fly straight and round. By using The Anywhere Ball you are not only able to practice anytime, anywhere, but because of the immediate feedback you create a more fundamentally sound swing. The Anywhere Ball is the perfect golf training tool and this foam practice ball will surely help to improve your swing, it is a foam ball the causes no damage. The Anywhere Ball is great for between rounds, warm-ups and in restricted areas. It can be used inside or outside without proposing a threat to property. It is the foam baseball / foam softball that provides instant feedback. The Anywhere Ball is truly the all-purpose training ball.

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