Mini Play Golf Game

Thin Air Brands

$ 39.99 

  • Kids Have a Blast as They Learn: Ready to introduce your little duffer to the great game of golf? Check out this toddler golf set, designed to turn kid-pleasing fun into a genuine learning experience.
  • Even Tee-Up Is Extra Fun: You’ll love the cool way this mini golf set sets up the ball for tee-off. Your child simply presses down the lever & the mechanical arm feeds the balls right to the tee.
  • Ideal for Righties: Why bother with toddler golf clubs that won’t accommodate all boys & girls? Our adjustable golf club comes with 3 different clubheads for righthand play.
  • 20 Golf Balls Just for Tots: Golf for kids should be carefully customized to children’s skills & abilities. That’s why this set provides child-size golf balls, perfect for toddlers & preschoolers.
  • Safe for Ages 3 & Up: All Thin Air Toys meet or exceed the stringent safety standards set by the US & Canadian governments. Plus, all come backed by our 30-Day Warranty & packed in cute giftable boxes.

Turn Preschool Learning Into Fun & Games with This Better-Made Toddler Golf Set

Did you know that golf can help little kids learn hand-eye coordination, hone fine & gross motor skills, and develop social skills?

It’s a fact.

That’s why this children’s golf set is so perfect for toddlers & preschoolers. It combines crucial skill-building with kid-pleasing play, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

You Get Everything Except the Hole

Your indoor & outdoor Kids’ Golf Set includes:

— > Mechanical Tee-Up System that feeds balls to the tee – like magic – when a child’s foot presses down on the pedal
— > 15 Durable Golf Balls custom-designed for kids
— > 1 Sturdy Toddler Golf Club that adjusts at the flick of a finger to extend or shorten the length
— > 3 Screw-On Clubheads – 2 drivers, 1 putter – for right-handed play
— > 1 Golf Flag just like the ones used in grownup golf

All components are durably crafted of ABS molded plastic to withstand tons of wear & tear. All are carefully kid-tested, too – and all meet or exceed US & Canadian government safety standards.

To Top It Off, The Entire Set Is Packaged to Please Little Kids

Children love receiving presents in bright, colorful boxes. So, you can be sure your child will be tickled pink by this golf set’s premium packaging.

All This Plus Our 30-Day Warranty So Add to Cart Now

This preschooler toy gives you a great opportunity to forge closer bonds with your kids. Plus, it’s a perfect gift for all the pint-size golfers you know – kids, grandkids, nephews, and nieces.

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