Jungle Safari Animal Set (Series 2)


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Includes gorilla, giraffe, zebra, hippo, and antelope. PLUS, bonus collector cards with free interactive app. For endless hours of fun, this super-realistic set of 5 animals is also educational. High quality, durable, and incredibly detailed. Finally, a toy that introduces kids to hands on learning and a free app to learn even more. Collect the animal, match it up to the playing card, and scan with your smart phone. The app magically recognizes the animal and give kids more information such as origin, diet, speed, size and much more. Size: gorilla 4', giraffe 6", zebra 4", hippo 5", antelope 3 1/2". each animal includes a matching collectable playing card and free app. Packaged in box, great for gift giving. Collect them all, no batteries required, ages 3+.

  • Big set: 5 realistic jungle animals includes bonus playing cards: each animal has a companion playing card. Kids can scan the playing card with any Smart phone and learn fun animal facts and free app
  • Promote learning: not just a toy, kids will also learn about animals and nature. Ages 3+
  • Super realistic: our sculptors and artists have worked many hours to make these animals real life-like in every way
  • Includes free app: simply download Compatible app onto any Smart phone and learn fun facts, animal speed, animal diet, animal origin, and much more
  • 30-Day money back guarantee: if you're not 100% satisfied with your animals, return it at any time within the first 30 days for your money back

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