Butterfly Terrarium 24-Inch


$ 19.99 


  • Easy access: one panel has extra large zipper door.
  • Easy view: one side panel is clear see through vinyl to easily observe the Butterflies.
  • Handy carrying handles. Arrives in a 12" X 12" X 2.25" Color box.
  • Classroom or home: works great as a Class project or just cather caterpillars at home and watch them morph into butterflies.
  • Butterfly larvae sold separately. Includes mail order coupon for 50% off. Just pay S&H. Optional.

A 24" Habitat specially made for bug and butterflies. Kids and adults will be amazed as you hatch your very own live butterflies. Watch them grow from larvae to adult then turn them loose into the Wild. Works great with other critters as well. Fun for butterflies, crawly bugs, flying insects, reptiles and plants. Use the optional discount coupon to buy butterfly larvae and food delivered right to your door. This is a complete butterfly kit. Excellent for home or classroom use.

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