Gyro-Science Kit

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$ 34.99 


  • There’s Nothing Else Like It: It’s a gyroscope. It’s a spaceship. It’s a kids’ science kit. It’s a fun educational game with 6 eye-popping stunts. It’s all this & more in 1 unique 40-piece set.
  • Banishes Boredom: You’ll keep your kids entertained for hours with this cool engineering kit. First, they’ll build & power the spaceship. Then, they’ll send the gyro spinning in all kinds of zany ways.
  • 6 Awesome Science Experiments: From walking a tightrope to circling a mirror to balancing on a peak, this gyroscope toy does it all. Your kids will learn facts about physics without even really trying.
  • Constructed for Keeps: Forget STEM kits that easily crack & break. This durable gyroscope set comes in premium ABS plastic – known for its rugged strength – so you can count on it time after time.
  • Colorful Gift Box & Great Warranty: Our STEM kit arrives safely packed in a giftable, kid-friendly box. Plus, it’s backed by our unconditional 30-Day Warranty against all manufacturing defects.

Here’s a Unique Treat for Curious Kids: this 40-Piece Gyro Science Kit for Boys & Girls Ages 8 & Up. Build It, Power It Up & Play.

Seeking an easy, painless way to:

  • Teach youngsters basic science?
  • Keep kids absorbed & occupied?

Check Out This Exclusive Kit from USA-Based Dr. STEM Toys

Unlike most gyroscope sets, this multifaceted science kit offers:

  • A futuristic toy spaceship, which kids can build themselves
  • An amazing spinning gyroscope that “performs” 6 stunning stunts
  • An electronic motorized windup mechanism, which gets the gyro spinning in seconds
  • Super-strong construction, built to last with ABS plastic
  • Step-by-step instructions that walk you & your kids through every awesome experiment

It All Adds Up to the Perfect Fusion of Playful Fun & Hands-On Learning

As your youngsters experiment with their gyroscope kit, they’ll automatically absorb crucial science concepts without even realizing they’re learning.

Kids Get to Perform 6 Eye-Popping Stunts, Including:

  • Balance-on-Peak – where the gyroscope spins as it perches on the spaceship’s highest point
  • Balance-on-Top – where the gyro stays steady as it spins on the spaceship’s rounded top
  • Balance-on-Wire – where the gyro spins on a tightrope
  • Mirror Stunt – where the gyro spins all around the outer rim of a mirror
  • Horizantal Balance – which suspends the spinning gyro in midair
  • The Box Stunt – featuring a fast-spinning gyro-box that balances on one point

All this Plus a Colorful Gift Box

Your Dr. STEM Toys Gyro Science Kit arrives in a durable box, complete with full-color artwork & cool scientific info. Perfect for birthdays, holidays & more.

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